Ecosystem Proposals

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Forum Proposal Template - Use this for any proposals that need funding [Ecosystem Proposals] (2) Redesign and Improvement [IN PROGRESS] [LAUNCH: MAY 21 2018] ( 2 3 4 ) [Ecosystem Proposals] (63)
Improve ETC's Opensource Explorer [COMPLETED] [Completed] (5)
Acebusters game dapp on Ethereum Classic Chain proposal [Under Review] [Ecosystem Proposals] (9)
ETC Build Challenge [Needs Review] [Ecosystem Proposals] (2)
ClassicEtherWallet development funding proposal [Needs Correct Format] [Ecosystem Proposals] (4)
ETC NodeOS and Dapp API Software Suite Proposal [Under Review] [Ecosystem Proposals] (2)
Testnet Improvement Proposal [COMPLETED] ( 2 ) [Completed] (37)
Rapid deployed Testnet ecosystem [Taken / In Progress] [Ecosystem Proposals] (5)
Block Explorer Proposal [COMPLETED] [Completed] (12)