A new trader here


Hello everybody :grinsend:
I’m new here, but not new to the crypto scene. So I live for 2 years exclusively from trading with BTC and Altcoins. So logically, that I can be active here to keep me informed. I generate a portion of my income by trading in other people’s accounts and gain.
Hope that I can contribute well here too.
lg sire1234


Hey great to have you here @sire1234 - We can always use more trading talk in the #classic-discussion:trading-and-investment channel. Wow so you lived off your crypto earnings for that long? Much Props! :+1:


I am still living on it and expect that at the end of this year, at the latest by the middle of 2019, I will be able to take care of my pension and retire. I’m already 60 years old


What do you mean trading in other people’s accounts?


Not sure what he means - but im interpreting it as trading for other people with their accounts. Not sure thought that’s insane living on your crypto like that. Must be a pro :wink:


Hi bro, u are welcome