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Hi @anthony, so I am nuts for crypto now and have found a new passion through it. I’m actually so curious about the potential of this new technology that I have taken up on a programming class at a local community college. In this class I’m taking, I will be learning to code with Python. My main goal is to learn to develop dapps.

By the way, I have already researched these things independently but I still have many questions.

Here are a few questions I have:

  1. Is Python a language that can be used to develop for ETC and on ETC?
  2. If so, how can I begin to get oriented to such a task as a beginner?
  3. If not, what language would you recommend is best for development for/on ETC?
  4. Is there anything else you would recommend beyond whatever I have asked about?

Thank you!

Extra questions:

  1. How does pyethereum fit into this and what exactly is it?
  2. What about pyethapp?


Welcome @Fjh0249

First if development is your thing I recommend joining the development channel on our Discord: https://discord.gg/HW4GckH

For the python projects you mentioned I’ve never used them so I can’t provide more info on them.

If you want to write programs that talk to/use data from the ETC blockchain/ put stuff on the blockchain then using python to talk to your node’s jsonrpc (geth or parity node software) is good.

If you want to write programs to run on the blockchain you’ll want to use solidity.

But anyways if you’re new I’d recommend first doing beginner tutorials and a lot of googling.


I agree with Anthony. solidity is the direction you should head in. It is kind of easy to learn and easy to use.
If you want I can recommend a few solidity tutorials