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This is the place where all ETC fans and community members can introduce themselves! Create a topic with an introduction of yourself and tell us some things about you :slight_smile:

Some ideas for introduction:

  1. What attracts you most to the forum?
  2. When did you get into crypto?
  3. What do you like or dislike about crypto?


Hello everyone
I see myself as a
Relationship Builder - It may not be an actual job title, but it is a skill that I strongly possess
that has been the key to success in any position I have ever held.
What makes me a relationship builder? I begin with the premise that EVERY person I work with brings
something of value to the table. This approach lays the foundation for mutual respect and cooperation.


Anna Svirsk


Im trying to present me but i cant creat a new topic


Hey om Pmarc from Denmark and om so happy to be a part og this thanksโ€‹:wolf::heart::wolf:


hi helllllloooo!