Add ETC in Miningcore

Hyperledger Besu

Mining Pool: etc
Coin Type: ETC [ETC]
Network Connected: Mainnet-Mordor
Detected Reward Type: POW
Current Block Height: 2724453
Current Connect Peers: 6
Network Difficulty: 8133460

[W] [ethc] Target: 0x0000020fce25b46f6cc680e1734ca00206450c460ce96f6acd60975d9dfce80c
[W] [ethc] Block Target: 0000020fce25b46f6cc680e1734ca00206450c460ce96f6acd60975d9dfce80c
[I] [ethc] New work at height 2724463 and header 0x4b57fed6dfaddc12049ec7e0ed52e3707c16efbd3f1b6ce62966d9821d605f9f detected [POLL]

[W] [ethc] ResultValue: 16f5a60cfbe24ceb408d3c03b6aa2eb0d710edfbcf26b0c2247c52c5b225ac6e
[W] [ethc] isBlockCandidate: False
[I] [ethc] [0HM4CRRU90AO7] Share rejected: Wrong block target

var isBlockCandidate = resultValue <= blockTarget;

var target = blockTemplate.Target; // get blockTarget
blockTarget = new uint256(target.HexToReverseByteArray());

if(!dag.Compute(logger, BlockTemplate.Header.HexToByteArray(), fullNonce, out var mixDigest, out var resultBytes)) // get resultValue
var resultValue = new uint256(resultBytes);

[I] [ethc] Generating DAG for epoch 45
[I] [ethc] Done generating DAG for epoch 45 after 00:00:01.5038594
[I] [ethc] Pre-generating DAG for epoch 46
[I] [ethc] Generating DAG for epoch 46
[I] [ethc] Done generating DAG for epoch 46 after 00:00:01.4032052

i am trying to add support for ethereum classic in miningcore
I change public const ulong EpochLength = 30000; --> public const ulong EpochLength = 60000; for Mordor
i use for test lolminer —enable-ecip1099