Are my coins lost?


Hello guys,
You probably heard about ETC fork which happened in March, in order to get CLO tokens i sent my ETC tokens from exchanges to a wallet created on ethereumproject github io/etherwallet .

As usually, when creating wallets i’m saving its details (privatekey, address and json file).
Today i decided to send ETC coins back to exchanges and i’ve discovered that pk and json file (and its password) belongs to a different than address where coins are located.

Not sure what happened, most probably it is my mistake, it was first time when i tried to use classicMask and probably i messed up with it, i do not know.

Is there a way to recover my coins?



You need to provide us with more information to help you


what exactly should i provide ?


the address with coins : 0xbc29664D8b031F308E82016201dA83fe8147E3de
the address i have all the details : 0x227E14308d67913Bef1B655B69D4af726e0dc777

can i send back somehow the coins to exchange? rollback the transaction or something?


Try to search for the UTC file or the Private key that is your own connection to interact with the wallet … You can not reverse a transaction on the blockchain.


I think its the problem with Classicmask, exactly the same thing happened to me

1st Classicmask could not connect to ETC network for 2-3 weeks, then new version came to Chrome

expansions store, this one can connect to network, but it shows “…” instead amount of coins

After waiting for solution, I decided today to download desktop wallet (emerald) and import keys, but I get error. I then tried to import via seed, but the wallet address recovered is not the same (same problem as original poster)

Please help, I have 20+ coins in my portfolio, and never had similar problems


did you restore the wallet from seed phrase? do you get the same address after restore as address where coins are stored?


Yes I restored it with seed phrase, but I got different address…which is odd…I have another idea though, I’ll try when I come home from work and I’ll post here if it works


what keys are you trying to import?


Ones exported from Classicmask, of course


the keys you exported at the moment you had coins on it?


Its always the same keys…or at least they should be…it all worked as it should up to 4. march, I think. then ETC network stopped be connectable, and thats when I last time saw my coins


i found my money!!! fck, can’t believe
what i did, i took the seed phrase i went to ethereumproject github io/etherwallet -> send ether and tokens and i choose the Mnemonic Phrase option and i’ve pasted there the seed phrase then i played with options till i found in the list the address with coins, i hope this will help you too!

try it Branko, and share the result


I guess great minds think same :slight_smile:
I had same idea, I’ll let you know if it worked once I’m at my PC

I had about 5 times less reason to worry (50 ETC) but still not nice to lose it


It worked!

Now interesting question is, why emerald desktop wallet produce totally different address when using the same seed? Should I report bug? Both emerald and classicmask seem bugged


i’m glad hear it Branko!

not sure, it might be that it just generate a new address but i would also expect to import all the addresses associated with that account, it would be good to report it


Ah, Exact thing happened to me! It’s been driving me nuts, trying to recover my funds. Did you ever have any luck?