ASIC Fork, Rebranding, New platform stuff


Hello All,
I have been supporting the ETC network for a long time, I would like ETC not to fall in the same trap as ETH, I honestly feel that ETC Dev team should discuss a fork to become asic resistant, So many gpu miners have left ETH and dumped there ETH for BTC or other alt coins that I think if ETC did something ASAP they could really get the jump on that number 2 spot, First come up with a action plan to fork off asic’s, Second rebrand the name, so to Break away fully from the sellout kids over at ETH, And third but very important come up with some cool new platform stuff, If ETC could do these three things they really could take the number 2 spot over from ETH, (hit em while they are weak). Saturn wallet is cool, and very interesting work off that to get something really going on the platform, I am telling you “the Dev Team” that right now if you move and move fast on asic resistance the GPU miners will reward you with their hardware power, you will keep your orginal community that has been supporting you from the beginning, and you will Gain so many more miners. Everyone that reads this, post your thoughts so that the dev team can read and hear your voice.
Kind Regards,