Bittrex Taking Advantage


I attempted to send ETH to a Bittrex wallet and it never showed up. Bittrex is saying it was sent to a ETC address, and that they won’t support securing them based on “their policy”. They are also not giving me the keys to the wallet so I can attempt to get them back. With the two chains having the same format, it sounds like a quick and simple fix (several previous threads). What are the chances Bittrex, who have everything needed to secure these funds, secures them and keeps them for themselves based on “their policy” not to help any cross-chain deposits below a monetary threshold (assuming they won’t get sued for lower denominations of lost funds). Is there anything I can do or anyone I should protest with? I don’t mean to sound entitled, but it sounds like this should be a piece of cake for them if they wanted to help a customer. Thanks.