Bobcat is here! Hello World!


Good to meet you all!

I am a small time miner with big dreams. I started mining in mid-2016 and have been hooked ever since. Coming from an outside perspective, I was drawn to Ethereum Classic for a lot of reasons. IMO, the DAO incident forced the ETC community at the time to demonstrate resilience and the fact that ETC survived proved that this construct has what it takes to compete in the long term. Most other projects do not have the red badge of courage and likely never will.

Additionally, I have observed that the ETC community as a whole have been welcoming to nubs like myself. I believe that educating the mostly non-technical public and growing through voluntary adoption leads to better citizenship behaviors and a more robust and decentralized platform.

Currently, I am exploring what next steps to take after mining. I’ve thought about creating a new mining pool, creating a dApp and creating/presenting outreach material. What I lack is experience in this space and many of the technical tools to make those ideas a reality.

I’m also learning python. I have surprisingly little coding experience although I’m quite good at building and maintaining hardware.

Again, it’s great to meet you all and I look forward to making friends and getting some work done!



Hell yeah bobcat! Great to see you in here. I’ve seen you supporting ETC on Twitter! :clap: wish more folks weren’t afraid to show face like you have! Haha



Yeah, I wish more people would take up ETC too!


It’s really cool seeing new people seeing the big picture and joining our community. Thanks for becoming a part of it and make sure to spread the word :+1: Also make sure to join us on discord as well if you haven’t already!