C# Windows System Tray Current ETC Price App (Updates!)

Hello ETC Forum Community!

If you have not seen my last post about this application, DO NOT WORRY! This post will fully fill you in.
I have essentially gotten all base functionality worked out at this point, but need YOUR to help me test this!

Essentially I just wanted to create an application for a VERY specific need/desire… to be able to view the current price of my favorite crypto currency… Ethereum Classic, easily on my desktop. Since I have not found anything that fits this desire perfect, I am making it myself! Using this, you can avoid having to unlock your phone to check, or loading a website… but can instead, view it down in your taskbar! On the fly!

The price is updated automatically every 15 seconds(for API limitation), and using the UI, you can plug in your existing ETC wallet address, (which is saved in system settings for the app to avoid useless file creation and data storage in it) to also see how much you have in your wallet, and get a real time estimate of the current value in USD of your ETC! How cool is that!?

Please check out the attached video to see it in use, and to get a more in depth explanation of the application. Also excuse my nervousness while explaining things. :sweat_smile: If while using this you encounter an error, outside of API issues(explained in depth in video), please report them here as they are very specific and I will need to know what portion of the application that broke. Let me know the approx time the app was ran, the price at the time of failure, the error and wallet(if you’d like).

To sweeten the desire to test/use this application… I have a hidden easter egg inside of this version of the application… The first to find it, and upload a screenshot here on this thread, will receive 0.1 ETC! User MUST be member for at least 2 days, have made 1 post, and given 10 hearts to receive! (A.K.A being an active user)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and check out my application! :heart: Let me know any ideas/questions you may have! Download link will be at the bottom!

If you are interested in working alongside me on this application, please email me at: [email protected]
-updated link to better version-

(Updated Twice, found 2 major bugs)


That is cool will try it out tomorrow!