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User education and frequently asked questions

How do I receive my CLO if I own ETC?

As it was said earlier you can use your ETC account on CLO network. Every ETC account address that has ETC on balance will receive the equivalent amount of CLO automatically at the moment of Callisto launch. You will just unlock your wallet and see your CLO are already here.

This is only related to wallets that allow you to control a private key of your ETC accout address.

This wallets will guaranteed work:

Read this for better understanding of Ethereum Classic accounts: user education article.

What if I store my ETC on MyEtherWallet/ClassicEtherWallet/JAXX/Mist/Emerald Wallet?

You do not store your ETC in a wallet. None of the wallets can store ETC because ETCs are stored in Ethereum Classic blockchain. Each wallet is just an interface that allows you to interact with Ethereum Classic blockchain to execute your operations. Wallet is just a beautiful picture.

Everything that happens under the hood is exactly the same as if you execute your operations from ETC command line client because everything that is going on with ETC accounts is only related to ETC blockhcain. If you have an account at one of the wallets then you can export your account and use it with any of the another wallets. They must be compatible, because they do exactly the same things: they interact with the ETC blockchain, and there is no way to do this differently because the ETC blockchain is the same for everyone.

What if I have my ETC balance on an exchange?

Each exchange has an account (or multiple accounts) where it stores its ETC. Technically this account will receive CLO at the time of airdrop in the same way as any other account. It depends on the exchange, whether it decides to give you CLO or dispose of them in a different way. We will contact the exchanges and publish a list of exchanges that will decide to distribute the CLO to their users here:

I can recommend asking the technical support of the exchange about the support of Callisto airdrop, if the exchanger on which you store the ETC does not appear on the list, which I will publish as soon as I receive replies from the main exchanges.

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