Classicmask wallet stuck on connecting to Etherium Classic Network [Possible Workaround]


Since today my Classicmask wallet (chrome extention) is stuck on “Connecting to Etherium Classic Network”.
I can acces the etherium network, Ropsten, Kovan and all that but I can’t acces my ETC anymore?
What can I do? Getting worried here.
Please advice.


the same problem only from March 6 - for two days already I can not connect to the network! developer @ DEXARAN help solve this problem, we began to worry!


There is a Reddit post on this too. Developer seems to be aware. I suggest we sent all questions there to get this resolved asap.


The same here. Can You guys atleast say what to expext how long because im in need for my funds and all this situation puts etc in bad position…please some info


i’ve made log in but i’cant sent my etc there’s always said " Insufficient balance for transaction"

anybody know whats goin on ?


Here’s how I got my ETC out.

Disconnect nodes Classic Ether Wallet