Coinbase to add ETC? via

We will see what happens - this would provide ETC with massive liquidity.


This would be the push ETC needs to be in Top 10 (market cap wise). Amazing news if it happens. I have seen some screenshots of ETC api support, rumored to be coinbase internal apps.


Those screenshots are faked. Doesn’t mean Coinbase won’t add it but it’s not reliable evidence.

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I don’t think that coinbase will add etc. But etc can live without coinbase and it’s price can still grow.


Yeah ETC has value with or without Coinbase - it’s just another exchange. The good thing is it would provide easier onboarding, better access for cashing out to fiat and trading, as well as add more liquidity to the market. Plus, I mean everybody knows what Coinbase is :joy:
I’m split 50:50. ETC possesses great store of value properties, and has a unique value prop, plus it’s already partially set up on Coinbase (post dao related). It meets all of their criteria for a listing. so I don’t see why not. Coindesk wrote about it. Apparently more will be listed, even after that Bitcoin cash roll out fiasco.
The concepts of Price and Value are often conflated which creates confusion about the health or future of the token.


Well Brian Armstrong posting on Twitter that if ETC has suppport, it will be added. I am tired of seeing the fake stories and hoax vids, screen shots and posts from the XRP fanatics but glad the ETC community is not bombarding social media with this flash mob approach…it gives me the willies! ETC doesn’t need to do that…its tech and team speaks for itself.


Link please!

Oops… my head is still in 2017… it was Jan 2nd 17… apologies. I am new to Twitter! Here is link

I saw it ‘retweeted’ by someone else. He could do with being reminded of this tweet though?

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thats the same mistake i made lol - still in 2017 :joy: