Compensate ETCDEV work from ETC Community fund


i am prety sure there is no other ethereum classic based dev team what is profitable by itself - selling etc solutions and products to enterprise world, while full time developing the fundamentals on ethereum classic …

its obvious that all teams got somehow huge money to burn into all our dream : a chain what can compete with other platforms progress.

and its obvious you will imrove less fast on fundamentals - when you have to run a day business meanwhile …

as etcdev was long time nonprofit with anonymous backers - it once was truly free of any pressure and performed very well to work for you guys on ethereum classic . etcdevs “last try” to transform within no-time into a company was based on the fact etcdev dont like treasury and dont wana ask community for help - and getting mature / selfsustaining … obviously that can not work when everything is down 95% … and everybody suffers …

a good immutable full time dev team will probably have to get money from the thing what its working on - in this case - ethereum classic . so i am no against the idea to help the developers until ethereum classic probably finds a better way to “self-maintain / improve” without any external vc / jobs / community help.


I could have worked for Ethereum Foundation part-time and ETCDEV full-time. Both Ethereum Foundation and ETCDEV would be liable for unpaid labor. Unless there was other employment restrictions in a contract, then the company [ETCDEV] is still obligated for payroll even if the employee had other tenures. This is a legal and ethical obligation of the company [ETCDEV].


Saying I’m attacking you in response to an objective argument “Unpaid labor is an obligation of the company…” is a red herring.


I do not Like any of this, this was my favorite project, I get madder every day. A treasury should have been set up and Everybody should have been paid accordingly. I do not like the vibe and attitudes and this will be the end of ETC the writing is on the wall. I hate the finger pointing this is really bad. The Crypto space will act accordingly with this infighting crap. I think it is pretty stupid to expect free work forever. ETCDEV you should have not shot down the treasury you would have been paid but whatever, whats goes around comes around. Nastiness and theft is the fin markets in a greedy world. I was hopeful the philosophy of the original chain would carry on. I’m out I will dump all ETC for ADA and ZEN , and TMT. This way I work with folks who know where they want to go. Y’all have pissed me off with this crap. Don’t bother to reply I do not care. The stupidity and avoidabilaty of it all. 2000k plus coins on CMC this space does not need you, WAKE UP just turn into another $hit coin already. Will sensibility prevail probably not. And with a wimper the project will die y’all will find jobs elsewhere but forever marked in your minds by the failure of a coin that should never have been with us but is and all the greatness it could have been. Get rid of the smell of death that sinister ego the greed and work together. I would seek the advice of a level headed player with much success and get this thing on auto pilot. like right now. otherwise RIP.


I totally agree with @D34D. Your the one asking for funding here and need to do some explaining. And of course this is a community driven project.
Also i saw a video from Charles (IOHK) where they said they had contributed allot into the developments you mention. Not sure if they also funded or it was only dev time.
Either way i dont like DEV’s thinking they are gods and should not be bothered to explain themselves.
Funds should have goals and deliverables attached to them. That was the problem with 2017 when everything was going upwards. No one stopped thinking about setting goals and spending wisely.
We as a community need transparency.
I see you have worked very hard and contributed allot to ETC but you still need to provide answer to the questions @D34D asked (in my opinion) if you want funding. Simple as that.


It’s the end of the year, and it seems it doesn’t make sense to continue this discussion, the deal is not on the table anymore. More than 72 hours for that is ridiculous anyway.

Thank you all for the valuable responses, hope it will be kept for history, it says enough about ETC community.

Proposal is revoked.


Your failures are your own and your blaming of the ETC community for them is ridiculous and disgusting.


@splix what 72 hours are you referring to? I proposed end of January, just a proposal. Discussions can still go on.


I’m sincerely sorry for ETCDev’s fate as a company and for ETC community but there was never a “proposal”, it was more like a demand from you.

“hope it will be kept for history” - luckily it will but anyone can edit their replies. :wink:


Because @splix seems to back off from his request, I will give this topic another week for people to comment before I close it. It will still be able to be viewed but others won’t be able to comment on it after a week.


My sympathy goes to all the ETCDEVS and would like to thank Igor for all his contributions and efforts made towards ETC but I simply do not agree with any bailouts.