Configurable Geth Docker Container /w etc-net-intelligence-api and Open pool

Update version .03 with Geth 4.2.0 now.

docker pull bakon3/etc.geth.neti.pool:v.03

Ok Guys,

So instead of building the pool hosting option into the previous project. I made this a whole new beast.

So basically it’s exactly like my previous setup, but now you can also run your own mining pool, using

So head on over to , to try it out and as usual, every piece of input, suggestion and or criticism helps.

Also this is a very early beta version .02, so customization’s are pretty decent, but at this point you can only run the: miner, pay out, and account unlock modules in one instance. Which is not recommended at all.

Next version should let you run all modules in their own instances inside the container.



I will test it later on! I have some small issues with my home lab running kubernetes I’ll look at first…:slight_smile:

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Awesome thank you. I need as much input as I can get.

There is a little bit of manual setup at this point.

Once I have some more time, I’ll get put together a small script that collects info when you run it and generates all the config files and directories for you.

Also, I didn’t upload the above with a ‘latest’ tag need to use ‘v.02’ when pulling. :wink:



hey @bakon fantastic project - will be moving to the Projects category :slight_smile:

Introducing Version .03 with Geth 4.2.0 now.

docker pull bakon3/etc.geth.neti.pool:v.03

Updated to Geth 4.2.0 and added --sputnikvm to file.

ENJOY. :slight_smile:

Finally a github page with dockerfile included and GETH being compiled from source every docker build instead of downloading the binary.