Configurable Geth Runtime Docker Container with etc-net-intelligence-api


Hey guys,

As I’m on my adventure ot learn about blockchain and developing with ETC.

I came up with a docker container that will allow you to setup launch parameters before actually running the docker run command.

This is designed in a way where I utilize the docker -mount parameter to use host storage so it doesn’t get deleted when your container craps out. This also allows you to run multiple docker containers off the same image, but crating custom geth directories under $HOME/ethereum-classic/<yourFolderName> directory.

This container also lets you port forward to docker for geth ports, rpc ports, and ws ports to further give you customization for your container/s.

You are also able to stop the container change the run time config and restart with new geth parmeters.
More info on this on the docker hub website.

For more advanced user when you go through the steps on how to use this, your should be able to figure rather quickly to setup custom run commands.

In the future the config for get will be done with --config parameter for geth, which is not yet support.

My plan for this project is, once I have a the back end stable and all features are working as planned.
Is to put together a whole OS image, which will also run a http server on the main host, so everything can be controlled through a friendly dashboard.

This docker container also has etc-net-intelligence-api build into it that can be configured before running, instruction on the Docker hub page.

Docker Hub:

Keep in mind this is my first container I’ve ever released to the public and any ideas, suggestions and criticism is welcome.

Enjoy and thanks.


Great job @bakon! Hope to see this project evolve to where you want it.


Quick Update:

docker pull bakon3/etcnode:v.03 updates with geth 4.2.0

In your add --sputnikvm to run geth with SputnikVM :slight_smile:

Please see the docker repository link for more instructions.



Sorry for the delay everyone, but here is the first GETH Node docker container on GITHub, it includes my dockerfile as has been requested and my bash scrip that runs during docker build. Rest of containers will be put up by end of Sunday, again thanks for being patient.


Latest version includes GETH 5.0.0. and that will guide you through the installation process of docker if you need it and spinning up a container with a running node inside.