Daedalus Mantis 1.1 Released for Ethereum Classic




  • previous attempts to install the Daedalus Mantis 1.0 Client on iMac Mid2010 take forever to sync the block event from bootstrap.

for Daedalus Mantis 1.1 install on Mac Pro (Early 2008)(details spec below)

  • ~20hr to sync the block from 0-99.99%
  • around 1-2hr. from 99.99% to add wallet screen
  • receive ETC very fast but transaction status is ‘Low’ for more than 24hr. already

Is it possible to Install Daedalus Mantis on the same machine with Daedalus for Cardano? On Daedalus Mantis Integration RC1 release mention that it is not yet compatible.

OSX 10.10.5
2x2.8 GHz Quard-Core intel Xeon
Startup Disk: SSD
AMD Radeon HD 6870 1024MB


Yeah the sync times have dramatically been improved.:+1:
It’s not recommended to run both simultaneously as they aren’t fully compatible with each other. It’s not possible to store both ETC and ADA on the same Daedalus build but it is possible to run both in separate directories on the same machine.Thats one thing I’ve been doing.