Designing an MLM investment website with the lowest cost

Website MLM is a method of attracting investment quite successfully in recent times. To meet customers’ needs, we provide MLM source code to help you proactively customize to suit your needs.

  • Functions of the MLM investment system

** Back office for user**
Allow users to register, login, invest, manage assets and commissions.

Admin Dashboard
Allow admin to manage users, manage investments, share profits & commissions of the system …

Management module
The module allows admin to manage all information such as member networks, deposit - withdrawal transactions, commissions and all assets on the system.

Investment module
This module consists of a commission system of proportions assigned to each level.

Commission management module
The module manages the system’s investment packages such as package name, amount of investment, profit and time.

Referral program module
Commission policy when users refer other investors to invest in the system.

Project introduction website
A professional and user-friendly website will help introduce projects to investors quickly and effectively, increasing the number of investors.

  • Admin function
  • Manage buy - sell transactions, deposit-withdrawal transactions
  • User management
  • Manage administrator account
  • Manage Product
  • Customize commission payment plan
  • Manage all assets on the system
  • Manage all information on the system
  • Display and manage user details
  • Manage Asset
  • Add coins to the system
  • Customize the fees in the system
  • Deposit BTC, ETH, token from admin’s wallet to system
  • Withdraw BTC, ETH, token from system to admin’s wallet
  • Verify users
  • Support users
  • Set the minimum withdrawal

With the experience of developing many successful projects, VakaFx provides customers with a professional and fully functional MLM website system.

To find out more details about the system, please contact us:

  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport