Didn't receive ETC to my address, but transaction visible in blackchain, help please! [CEW Balance Issue]


There is somthing wrong with one of transactions to my address.
This transaction does not appear in my wallet:

My wallet address:

So could you please check it?
it’s seems I lost my 1.0 ETC, but I can see it in blockchain.
So give me any information please.



hello. which wallet do you use?




I have also problem with my second transaction, I can see it at gastracker.io but can NOT see at my ballance!!!

So anyone have the same problem?


Sorry your having these issues. Are you still unable to view your balance on ClassicEtherWallet?

You can always use MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet if CEW isn’t working well.

Hope this helps you out :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for reply!
It’s seems there is somthing wrong with ClassicEtherWallet after fork, because gastracker.io show correct ballane, but in ClassicEtherWallet still old balance (before 30 may).


I am having the same problem. I had two deposits yesterday to my ETC wallet and the transactions are confirmed and are showing correctly with ETC (https://gastracker.io) but the balance in ClassicEtherWallet https://ethereumproject.github.io/etherwallet/#view-wallet-info is still the old one.

Does anyone know why is the balanace in ClassicEtherWallet not updating?


Hi @MarinkoBujdo. Have you checked your balance with MEW? Can you see the right balance there?


After some time of playing with the Classic Ether Wallet I found out what was the problem. When checking the balance with the “Network: Ethereum Commonwealth Paritiy” in settings the balance in wrong - the old one, but when I change the Network to “Ethereum Commonwealth Geth” the balance is correct one Smiley

I guess this is because of the latest ETC fork on 29.05.2018.


Tha’s good news, thanks


OK. Thanks for the feedback ).


Good afternoon,

I have also the same problem, but even if the GAS transaction was confirmed and can be check, in MyEthereumWallet and Etherscan cannot nothing be seen.
As #MarinkoBujdo say, I will try to change in MEW the Newtwork (“Ethereum Commonwealth Geth”). But what can be the reason because I don’t see nothing in Etherscan ? Maybe because I don’t made some settings in Nanopool (I leave “default” settings) ?

I waiting any feedback related to the topic.
(P.S. this is my address: 0x9a923811d1ac05ade1ae7c27d8c42f8b16414b53)


Hey well don’t think Etherscan can show ETC transactions, when something looks odd with gastracker I try using: https://etherhub.io/home

What you can do is try installing Trust Wallet on your mobile and importing your wallet, I believe you will see your balance there without a problem (Remember to set ETC network in the settings.)