Disconnect nodes Classic Ether Wallet



Please help me!

I could not connect to the nodes.
I tried all the nodes!
What can I do???

[joxi_screenshot_1520091603828|690x256] (upload://64RUDnrjgm43LHDkHergSMTR5Wq.png)


Your screenshot is not here :wink:




Firewall problems ?
Try maybe another Browser …


I tried all browsers.Nothing!
I don’t know this is it.
I have only transaction info.


I also don’t connect to Main Ethereum Classic Network from ClassicMask.
Continuously loading…




I think this need to be a problem with you firewall


Same here with the classicmask, was working yesterday for me, have you found a fix yet?


this issue is identical to the one brought up by another user - try this and see if it works. The classicmask issue is being looked into, and possible solution reached.
Apologies for the inconveniences.