Dove Wallet: ETC as key currency to trade



This is Dove Wallet.
We opened new exchange service.

Please add Dove Wallet to your list.

We provide ETC as key currency to trade. Which means that you can exchange directly from ETC to any other currencies.

Here’s our service’s features.

  • Daily bonus
    You will get bonuses for every currency you have in your wallet.
    We distribute bonuses which were gathered from daily trading fee.
    You can see daily bonus rate table from our Dove Wallet page
    (If trading volume increases, you would get more!)

  • Trade with your favorite currencies directly!
    You can trade not only on ETH/BTC market but on BTC/ETH market as well.

  • Layered security
    Your sensitive info and assets are stored in physically isolated server.

Thank you for your time & Super happy!