Download pre synced blockchain [Parity | ~124GByte | 5 710 000 Blocks] v.2


Have a look on the older version of this Download pre synced blockchain v.1

Updates on v2

  • More blocks have been synced (+589 738 Blocks)
  • ARCHIVE MODE + FAT DB + TRACE (For better analysis of the network)
  • No compression tube very slow decompression

Why I created this

I created this pre synced blockchain because I wanted to make a node. As I started to set up a node and began syncing it has take hours to get to block 1 000 000. I thought “okay I will just leave it and let it sync for some hours” but nope.

There are many problems that slows down the node.

  1. No peers
  2. Slow disk (HDDs)
  3. Slow internet speed
  4. Blockchain spam attacks

Slow syncing between 2 283 397 to 2 620 384

  • 2,283,397 to 2,301,372 - geth memory crash transaction. geth clients crashed when processing these transactions.
  • 2,283,416 to 2,379,641 - Low gas price spam transactions calling the EXTCODESIZE opcodes taking 20-60 seconds to validate due to the ~ 50,000 disk fetches needed to process each transaction.
  • 2,421,507 to 2,463,130 - Account bloat transactions where 19 million empty accounts were created. This causes the node clients to slow down as the many accounts cannot be kept in cache requiring slow re-retrieval from disk.
  • 2,468,209 to 2,474,792 - low impact transaction spam.
  • 2,550,666 to 2,551,428 - low impact transaction spam continues.
  • 2,619,660 to 2,620,384 - low impact transaction spam continues.

Why you also should get a node

  • 1^st^ it’s making the network more decentralized and bigger.
  • 2^nd^ you can use it as a wallet.

What I have used to make it

  • Parity [full sync = archive mode]
  • CPU : 8x 4,0GHz
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • Download : 100Mbit/s
  • Upload : 10Mbit/s
  • SSD : 500GB
  • Synctime : ~4 days
  • Compression time : 6h (124GB >to> ‪123GB)
  • Uploadtime : 33h

Want the pre synced Blockchain ?

You can download it but I can’t just give it out like it’s a 100MB file. I got a Server where you can download it from. Just send me a message on the Forum or on Telegram any I will give you the page where you can download it from.

Want to know how much time you safe ?

You need to Download 123 460 442 840 Bytes
Calculate your Download time or look at the table

Internet Speed Download Time (DD:HH:MM:SS)
10 Mbps 00:29:20:56
25.6 Mbps 00:11:27:51
34 Mbps 00:08:37:55
45 Mbps 00:04:47:24
51 Mbps 00:04:13:35
100 Mbps 00:02:56:05


Download pre synced blockchain [Parity | ~97GByte | 5 120 262 Blocks] v.1

Hi. Is it possible to get link now?


Type to me on the forum private or at Telegram…


Hey @MM_MarioMichel, any chance you can share the link ?


Type to me on the forum private or at Telegram…


Hi Mario! I want to download the pre synced blockchain, how i can get the link? (I don’t see an option to send a private message to you)


This is the ETC Chain Not ETH