Easy NODE setup GETH DockerContainer


Decided to start a new project topic as this something I plan on developing for long term.

First of all this project is in no way associated with the development of the GETH node software, ETC protocol or sputnikVM.

This basically takes the latest version of GETH and Sputnikvm compiles it into a docker container and lets you you run your own ETC node with your own port specifications.

The idea of this project is to allow the world to easily run a ETC node to continue on supporting the decentralization of ETC blockchain and contribute to the network.

Setting up a ETC node shouldn’t be hard and users should be able to do it with a few basic commands.

Project full source code and instructions can be found on the GitHub Page: https://github.com/DialogueSolutions/Geth-ETC-DockerContainer

This should also allow you to easily host your own ETC Node for dapp development or any type of API endpoint needs to interact with the ETC Blockchain.

Currently this container is only supported on Ubuntu and CentOs7, and the provided install.sh is designed to walk you through setting up Docker software on your machine and then spinning up a container which will run GETH and set you up as full node.

Near Future Road map:
Web interface for running container to show status of the node;

To get started, all you need is a machine with either centOS or ubuntu installed.
Then with the next three commands you should be on your way of setting up your new GETH ETC node in docker.

This clones the repository to your server.
git clone https://github.com/DialogueSolutions/Geth-ETC-DockerContainer.git

This changes directory to the new cloned repository
cd Geth-ETC-DockerContainer

This runs a guided setup for Docker software if needed and helps you spin up a new container to run a ETC node based on your input


Just pushed a new update to GitHub.

Latest update includes:

  • Chose weather to run a ETC Node for Mainnet or Morden chain
  • Setup Custom RPC API PORT for container and setup CORS on GETH.
  • Automatically report to http://mordenstats.ethertrack.io/ if running Morden chain

install.sh to walk you through setup on CentOS7 or Ubuntu16 in three easy steps.

git clone https://github.com/DialogueSolutions/Geth-ETC-DockerContainer.git
cd Geth-ETC-DockerContainer

And just follow the on screen instructions.



Just new to ubuntu and nodes.
What hardware do i need to run it.
Have intel G3260 cpu, 8gb ram and a 120gb ssd…
That enough to run a ETC node for mainnet.?


Hey, yes that is totally enough to run a Node successfully.


Thanks… runs like a charm :slight_smile:


Hey everyone.

Been getting a lot of questions lately about nodes. Basically what is a reason to run a ETC node, benefits, security etc etc.

I decided to write a short article hopefully answering some of these questions.