ECIP-1041 Remove Difficulty Bomb



It seems that most of the people are agree, but we need to discuss and make sure we’ve consensus on it. We can quickly add it to Geth and Parity, and we had a talk with IOHK they’re ready to add into Mantis.


I don’t see an issue to discuss this on GitHub so I’ll comment here:

Agree with removing it. Roll out should have advanced notification of miners/exchanges/service providers/wallets.

Ideally I think we should have the following:
First notifications going out before any code is changed. Basically once it seems we have agreement/consensus to do this (which it seems we nearly do).

Second notification after code is finalized and working (6 week lead time).

Third and fourth notifications 3 weeks and 1.5 weeks prior.

Somewhat related to this. We should put together a mailing list for these types of announcements and announce it alongside the emails for the hard fork.

I’m happy to help put together a mailing list. I can also compile a lot of existing emails/contact information for miners/exchanges.


Good idear or we could it just announce it on Telegram, Discord and Ethereum Classic


Of course we should still announce on all of these channels.

However, most miners/exchanges don’t join these groups so a mailing list is our best bet to contact directly.


I also see no reason to keep it as ETC is not moving to PoS, which is a nice relief :slightly_smiling_face:. As far as I know, from the different conversations with various members and stakeholders, they are in favor of the removal.

Also the ECIP process has run smoothly - didn’t seem to be any push back from the more technically advanced members via Github.

ECIP-1010 was successfully moved through and merged. So I would assume the same would go for the actual Bomb Diffusion ECIP-1041, no?

@anthony Yes we definitely need some prep time for exchanges, other network layer players to update.

This would require a client update right @splix?


Yep, it’ll require client updates, although the code changes are quite minor.


@whilei so we should be raising awareness for network layer players to begin getting themselves ready right?


hi guys, i just wanted about if difficult bomb removed or not? because its increasing as i understood since 11/06?


any news @splix ?


The difficulty Bomb was removed on block 5.9M. We are fully updated. Mining difficulty will not become extinct as we remain PoW :boom: