Emerald wallet won't sync, keeps locking up


i’m using windows, emerald wallet will sync for 20 minutes or so then halt. it’s been stuck on “25 peers, 1 513 595 blocks
Mainnet” for the last 2 hours, i’m rebooting the wallet now

i realize it will take hours to sync but is it normal for it to “lock up” for hours on end?


wallet 0.8.1 RC 2


6 hours later and im locked up or stuck here “10 peers, 1 679 951 blocks
Mainnet” rebooting…


11 hours later and “6 peers, 2 512 968 blocks

i have a decent computer with residential cable

after 11 hours it looks 25% downloaded: could it be possible my router doesn’t support the protocol?


Hello and how to find out what the purse is safe for. I got it yesterday but I ETC not receive the cash


“7 peers, 3 543 141 blocks”

still trying to load the wallet. this is a lousy user experience but will be persistant


still waiting on the sync, getting closer

25 peers, 5 465 167 blocks

this is a terrible user experience but excited to be almost synced


woke up and finally synced.\

just takes a few days.


Why should it take a few days to sync the last few blocks? I have the same problem waiting already 24 hour to get the last 1180 blocks synced. There is a notification: “You are connected to not synced node” so I guess I should connect to a synced node to get my node synced. Only it’s not clear how to connect to another node.