ETC coins are no longer findable


hello, I have a problem: from the Kraken I sent my ETC-Coins to my ETC-wallet on my smartphone, send went ok I wanted to log on to my ETC and see if the ETC Coins are on it, when I have the registration I clicked on create new walletaddress, therefore a new address was generated and the old address at which I sent the coins, I can not find anymore that I have the private key - backup and enter again to the new created address, what can I do now?Is there any way to have her back?
Thank you


Hello. But you still see your balance? If you use the Jaxx wallet, then go to the category “TOOLS” -> confirm your setted PIN -> then you should see your private key. With other wallets it should similar


Hi sorry your having issues - what wallet are you using right now?