ETC Difficulty explanation needed


Hi pro miners. Here is the question from a noob miner. Why on the 12th of February, 2018, there was a huge increase in the difficulty, around 35-40%. Is there any reason for this? Did I miss something?


Price went up which attracted more mining resources. The more mining the higher the hashrate goes.


I wanted to make this assumption, but on that day the ETC price was not increasing at all and the difficulty increased straight line upwards within 10 minutes…


We are all just speculating but really it could be anything. Another possibility is something negative happened on another blockchain (like a price drop!) which made them flee to greener pastures.


So, along similar lines, I got my power bill today and have to say its a huge $ amount.
On researching I see ETC mining difficulty has more than doubled in the past month, from 21 hours to 42 hours to produce a single coin.
Doing the numbers, even with 33 solar panels on the roof, I clear $1.70 a day.
For you members that have been around longer than most of us, what going on? I’ll have to turn my two rigs off or worse still point them else where, I am very keen to stay with ETC but not at the current price and difficulty. Will the outlook get any better do you think?