ETC Never arrived in Emerald Wallet

My ETC never arrived in my Emerald wallet. I sent ETC from Bittrex and Binance, neither amount arrived.

The last time this happened was with Nav coin, the problem was the wallet wasn’t synced. The issue with this Emerald wallet is that there is no indicator at all to show if the wallet is synced. Its been a few days and it is several thousand dollars worth of ETC. I posted this issue on github and the issue was closed without solving it.

From Bittrex:
Address: 0x391e8fe46a85bd80cd34269622dc48f2d22cc2ad
TxId: 0xd75d54ac5e07e6bf518e0524679ae31a9ddfcf22c38935f690195eef9089a073

PLEASE help me with this. This is stressing me the fuck out and there doesn’t seem to be any good reason why this transaction isn’t showing in the wallet.

Can you take a screenshot of your Emerald Wallet.

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It looks like you are using a local node - which means your downloading and syncing the ETC blockchain

You will need to let the blockchain sync before anything shows up. :slightly_frowning_face:

After checking your txid - I don’t see any cause for alarm. If the address you sent it to is yours don’t worry. I understand it is a large amount but worry not. As soon as the blocks are synced your balance will update :slight_smile:

From now on I would suggest using the Remote Node option using Epool or Gastracker

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Top right is a dropdown-menu and you have currently selected as @ClassicIsComing has already said that you download the blockchain and the latest synced block is 48 583. Latest block is now look for “best block”. So click on “Mainnet” and select any other node for example gastrackers node. This way you don’t need to download the blockchain.