ETC Nodes/Mainnet/Testnets


I’m going to consolidate a bunch of information about running ETC Nodes for Mainnet and Testnets and sources to help with spinning up each one and information on Nodes and Node hosting.

Even though testnet nodes don’t accur any value for the common user, they are very important in the development process of dapps and smart contracts.

Here is a short article explaining a little bit about why running Blockchain nodes is important.

Currently there is two available testnets for the Ethereum Classic Blockchain.

The original Proof of Work based Morden testnet and a brand new one Proof of Authority based test net called Kotti.

Here is a link to a dockerhub from where you can easily run Geth or Mantis Nodes for ETC mainnet and available Testnets, Kotti and Morden.

Since Kotti testnet is PoA, boot Nodes are discovered right away and the chain is synced pretty quickly.

Morden testnet is a little bit more poor at this point and actually a LOT more reliant on people running nodes.
Because of this I am also providing eNode addresses to two permenant Morden boot nodes for boot strapping.

admin.addPeer("enode://a4177c60e1c868080afe0cce9747784c49efd3f978b6abc8e8f601ffe3460a8c6[email protected]") Morden Eastern Time Zone

admin.addPeer("enode://48a7488cd078d32cd8621691dbc9010ace58908e06099e54a84d219272540ae33[email protected]") Morden Central Time

Here is a link for more information on the Ethereum Classic Kotti testnet.

I will do my best to try and keep this thread updated and feel free to add updates of your own or ask any questions.



Below are links to Ethereum Classic Mainnet, Morden(testnet), and Kotti(testnet) explorers.

ETC Mainnet -

ETC Morden -

ETC Kotti -