ETC price versus ETH


The current price of ETH is approximately 3000% more than ETC. Why? I have examined all the fundamentals and see ETC as critically undervalued.
It is the original blockchain of ETH and can do everything ETH does, sometimes better. Because of name, perception, marketing, and all the inessentials, I can see why it has a lower price, but nowhere near this much.
The relationship between the two should have it priced at a level consistent with that of BTC and BCH, which is less than a 1000% difference now, but not typically anywhere close to that large.
Following fundamentals and this logic, shouldn’t ETC be priced at around $100?

Assume you are a big investor preparing to get in on the Coinbase Custody or Pro platform and, in your usual research, you find this. As far as potential for the biggest returns, this is the gold mine. Extremely undervalued and at least equal in quality to its well-marketed clone, it costs 3000% less?! Any big firm is going to decide that they will wait and slowly accumulate all the ETC they can get their hands on now because they can significantly boost marketing with their own resources after aquiring a ton of it. Imo, ETC is poised to blow the roof off. I am no financial advisor, so this opinion could be wrong. Can anybody tell me why we may not see a very quick rise to $100, or more, ETC by the end of Q3?


Hello good day buddy…

Currently etc is undervalue and is good for evrryone to accumulate more etc. Since then, soo etc will be listed in coinbase so for me the price will be aroune 20-25 usd. It will raise till 100 if cryptobull happen eoy.

Basicly people still believe that etc is ethereum fork. So they assume it is shitcoin. But the truth is etc is real chain for ethereum and whateva eth does etc could be too. Hopefully need more exporsure to every mankind on earth about etc…:slight_smile:


Hey! I totally agree. Maybe when ETC adds migration of ETH dapps people will start to catch on. That is supposed to be soon. I think $50 before the Coinbase add-date is likely.


I just studied the historical data on LTC dates for inclusion on Gdax and Cb. I got the info from Coinmarketcap.
Before the inclusion, I picked a date a few weeks out. That day, late March of 2016LTC was $4.04 at it’s high. After being added to Gdax, there was a modest gain from that price, though gradual, of 150%. After being added to CB, it peaked at $50. This data seems to suggest that being added to cb incresed the price of LTC by 1200% within a few months, in a similar market environment as we see today.
If that growth is projected to ETC from now, a $212 ETC in the coming months would be equivalent to that historical framework. For Ltc, this preceded the boom in 12/2017. I need more ETC. :slight_smile:


Sadly logic has nothing to do with price in crypto. Perception, marketing, news and such things will determine the price these days.
Also ETH has Vitalik which is a public face for ETH which helps. ETH foundation is another reason. I personally look at that list of companies behind ETH and was pretty much convinced it has a bright future.
i hope ETC does something similar. ETC team need to partner with companies and do a bit of marketing.
If i can be a bit more critical i also think the webpage for ETC needs to be more appealing for investors.
Just got to each homepage and see for yourself.

ps. I’m being critical so that we can have a better ETC in the end of the day. I like to be honest in my opinion for the better of ETC. I Also think ETC should have a be much higher value but unless we change the image of ETC we wont get there sadly.


Hi! This is a very cool modern project! I believe that in the near future, this project may be a great success, and will bring incredible profits to, very good, has been looking forward to! Good luck to you all!


Etc believe that they no need a leader and everyone is a leader… i agree that etc need someone like vitalik…act as a leader and people will knows what etc is all about…:slight_smile:


If there was a central figure, it wouldn’t be decentralized. ETC has leaders in each division who are doing a great job. Now they have hired a marketing firm/guy too.


I dont agree with this. There is no need for a “leader” in the sense of the word. As long as there is someone who can speak well and is the speak figure who can represent the project and share update, appear on interviews and such. This person can be even selected by the community through vote of something. And as a clause he or she can always during interviews mention that he/she dont have any power over the coin but is rather a representative person who can change in the future.

Either way people in general always like to know a person for a product or company. I know this is either of those things but in the eye of the public it might as well be one.

Just look at how Charlie Lee messed up the whole LTC by selling out. He more or less destroyed his own credibility and LTC with it. So many hardcore people quite including myself. And now he’s more or less calling his own creation for a shitcoin and tells people to buy BTC before LTC. Who does that :confused:


here seems to be some new community members…hi there and welcome!!
first of all, as ETC community member you should know some few things: first of all, the code is the law and second we are inmutable, unstopable and decentraliced…so, definitely, WE ARE DEMOCRATIC!!!

my apreciated friend, as long as we are democratics…devs propose something, community chooses… these is the way of “leadership” that we want, we have choosed and we feel as better way of organization…so… now you know it! :slight_smile:

(if we are ETC, is cause our sense of inmutability and decentralization…)



seems like more people jump into eth at the moment… and i do believe that new investor/miner believe that etc is a forked chain of ethereum.


Ethereum Classic and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies for August 2018. From the article, ETH is better than ETH Classic. (“11 best cryptocurrencies for August 2018” - Finstead)