ETCDEV | 2017 Recap - Plans for 2018

Roadmap for 2018

Before going to discuss plans for 2018 let’s recall what was done by ETCDEV team during year 2017.

The main accomplishment was that the team was established, that was a very challenging task, with very limited funding, under constant pressure from all sides and toxic environment, but by end of the year we grew up to 8 full time members in the ETCDEV team. The team got established development processes, working full time on core ETC projects, and will continue to grow.

Quick outline of the year:

  • Hardfork at block 3M to pause the Difficulty Bomb. While this was done by Igor Artamonov alone, it was during the time of first steps to form a team and he was forming the team and looking for and interviewing first engineers at very same moment. Beginning of February is official time when the development was started with first full time developers
  • ETCDEV made huge refactoring, cleanup and introduced a lot of improvements to Geth codebase, with more than 1100 commits for past year and 8 releases. Now it’s a flexibility node, supports different types of networks and custom/private blockchains. If you look at the Geth code, you’ll see that about 30% of current codebase is written by ETCDEV developers. That’s a huge change, it’s a new software now. To our surprise some new blockchains started to base their work on top of Classic Geth now, instead of ETH Geth. That probably means ETCDEV in a right path.
  • Moved to new monetary policy. That was a big task, included not only modifications to Geth and Parity codebases. Geth code was just a tip of the iceberg, much more work were outside of core code, such as testing under different conditions, and making sure that all external software will continue to work under new monetary supply
  • Built a desktop wallet from scratch, with support of light/remote nodes, hardware wallets, and many other things. Finally ETC got own wallet and is not dependent on 3rd party ones.
  • Totally new EVM for Ethereum projects. Standalone, embeddable, fast and flexible. It got integrated into Geth as optional EVM and is being tested now. Together with other libraries, such as Emerald Vault, it gives a lot of opportunities to build secure blockchain enabled software for with support of IoT and low powered hardware
  • In addition to IoT we got Javascript libraries to help building 3rd party Dapps on top of Ethereum, and Emerald Wallet is just a first example of such dapps

By numbers it’s 16 new projects (in Github terms) and more than 5000 total commits for year 2017. Or almost 20 commits per working day, counting ETCDEV work alone.

That was a productive year, a lot of stuff was done and more to be done for year 2018

Plans for 2018

First of all, we’ll continue our team growth, hire more engineers and managers, solidify our processes and we’ll continue our work.

One of the main focuses will be scale through sidechains. That’s big and very challenging task, it’s requires a lot of research and experiments. Right now we’re setting up some pilot projects with third party companies, and we’re very open for collaboration on this field.

Another topic is bringing Ethereum Classic to IoT. We already have significant progress in this direction, you already can run whole stack on embeddable hardware, we have separate modules, including lightweight components such as Emerald Vault and Emerald CLI, and Sputnik VM, which will allow to build different types of applications. We’re going to improve it, find new ways of using it for practical applications and make experiments with partners.

Of course we’re going to continue our work on Emerald Platform, going to release Emerald Desktop Wallet, make Mobile Wallet and few other Dapps. As well as help other companies to use Emerald Platform in their services.

More detailed roadmap will be publish soon on the website, stay tuned.


Thank you, the team paid,