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Several of us from the team and many from the community were able to meet face-to-face for the first time ever in Hong Kong at the also-first-ever and definitely-hopefully-first-annual ETC Summit! A big thank you to the event organizers and to so many wonderful participants from near and far who made it such a diverse, energetic, and welcoming space. Please note that recordings of the entire summit’s presentations can be found here, on youtube.

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for so many creative, thoughtful, and ongoing contributions to our core projects and others.


emerald-wallet now includes support for BIP39 mnemonic phrase retrieval, connection with Shapeshift, improved loading and notification UI, a landing page, and a big refactoring for style and linting. Supporting the wallet’s backend, emerald-cli released v0.18.0 also with support for BIP39 via JSON-RPC and a few minor bug fixes, and emerald-rs (Vault) released v0.17.0 and v0.18.0 with support for BIP39 mnemonics and BIP32 key derivation.

go-ethereum got an important improvement with a fix for peer total difficulty calculation, which should fix an issue around a “stalling” issue several users have reported. Feel free to jump in early with the head tracking fix at prerelease v4.1.2 if the stalling issue has been bothering you. In other news, we made some experiments in log analysis with geth’s experimental mlog API and Elastic’s ELK stack. You can find a walkthrough, configs, and some pretty pictures for that at ethereumproject/geth-ELK.

sputnikvm released v0.9.0, which adds support for a pure-rust implementation of secp256k1, replacing the previously used C library. Also in full swing is development on integrating SputnikVM with geth, yielding sputnikvm-ffi.


ECIP-1039 has been merged to specify detailed rounding specifications for the ECIP-1017 Monetary Policy. Otherwise of note is ECIP-1037, which, if merged, would establish specifications for the permanent difficulty bomb diffusal at block 5452163 (around January or February); if you’d like to be involved in Ethereum Classic protocol policy, please feel welcome to add your thoughts and questions there.

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Geth log analysis with the ELK stack

Pure Rust implementation of secp256k1



Great job on the ECIP 1017 hardfork for the updated Monetary Policy, ETCDEV!

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