Ethereum Classic block explorer app for Android


Hi guys!
I developed a app for the ETC block explorer, there are 2 version(free and pro), you don’t need private key to use it, you need only your public address.
If you want offer me a coffee and support the project, just buy the pro version! :slight_smile:
Thank you to Gastracker API and cryptocompare API.!


Nice idea, thank you)


Would love to see a FOSS block explorer app for Android.


maybe in the future cause now i don’t have too much time and im doing ramadan, but maybe inshAllah in the future, thank you for the comment :slight_smile:


nice idea its usefull for me


thank you!


Not sure why this is in #dev:mantis-feedback section haha - going to move to #dev :+1:


You are right haha