Ethereum Classic Is Not A Shitcoin: Here's Why



Ethereum Classic is an honest blockchain with strong foundational principles since genesis i.e. open, neutral, censorship resistant, borderless, and decentralized. Most “shitcoins” lack most or all of these.

Most altcoins are “shitcoins” that just shoehorn “Blockchain” into their product. Most of the time these projects are better off without a blockchain. Using a blockchain may even hurt the project itself. Take for example Tron attempting to successfully tokenize BitTorrent. This has been tried, unsuccessfully, in the past. Elaine Ou writes about it in a post called, “The Transaction Costs of Tokenizing Everything.

There’s only a handful of projects with honest adoption. Ethereum Classic is one of those.

For example people are creating things for Ethereum Classic and Ethereum ecosystems like PeaceBridge, an ETC-ETH relay developed in collaboration with ETC Co-op and Akomba Labs. There’s also the Goerli/Kotti testnet funded with help from the ETC Co-op, developed in collaboration with Afri Shoedon, ChainSafeth, and many others from ETH Berlin.

Read more about the Goerli collaboration here and the PeaceBridge collaboration here.

It’s important to understand that all of this progress has been made with no formal marketing plan. All community growth has been completely organic, thanks in part to the guerrilla style marketing and community engagement thanks to dozens of volunteer contributors. Unlike belligerent projects like EOS or TRON, ETC doesn’t spend a penny astroturfing, or announcing false partnerships or misleading press release updates.

We have a page called Powered By ETC that lists most projects building on top of ETC, using ETC as the native currency, or implementing it in their product in some way. ETC Labs Incubator is leading the way for this. See the below featured articles on the Cohort’s startups.