Ethereum Classic Tip Bot [Telegram]

Ethereum Classic Tip Bot


A Official Ethereum Classi Tip Bot for Telegram groups

Why a Tipbot

Pros Cons
Brings the community together A lot of messages of the bot is used often
Rewards for good/helpful posts


  • 9.Dezember 2017
    I fist texted a developer from the reddcoin network who developed the Redcoin Tip Bot for the official telegram group.

  • 2.Januar 2018
    I asked the bot developer how easy it would be to convert this bot in to a ETC tip bot. He said “Easy!” (I am not a python guy so I don’t know how easy it is)

My thoughts

I :heart: ETC and I wanted for a long time that kind of bot that has only to do with Ethereum Classic. So I searched everywhere for a bot + the code + the developer. Now I found one and I am willing to pay(I will add 0,5 ETC to all other donations) to any one who will get the code for the Ethereum Classic bot running that we (the community) can use this bot in Telegram groups.

What we need

  1. We need some skilled guys to convert code that it will work with the ETC Network.
  2. We need a Server to run a node + python telegram command scrypt. (We definitely need Donations for that)
  3. The official ETC group to add the bot.


To help that the bot will come true every one who also like the idea can tip the developers who helped to make the ETC tip bot. I will collect the ETC in a Wallet and then spread it all over the devs. As I said it allready in “My thoughts” I will add up 0,5 ETC to all other donations.

If you want to help the communtity send any amount


Every small amount helps Thank you


The Reddcoin Original Code
The Developer of the Bot
The Group where the Reddcoin bot is in
The Donation Wallet for the Develper of the ETC Tip Bot

Tip me for starting this project

Thanks !!!
~Mario form Austria :austria:

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See these comments regarding Official telegram etc channels

What do you want me to look at @omniedge ?

The current mods and volunteers already feel overwhelmed so adding another channel such as telegram means more work involved. Thats what I meant with my previous post.

That being said, ETC is permissionless so any single person in the community can lead the way such as what you are doing. There might be other users that do like telegram!

In case someone proposes a tipbot for discord, I am not really a telegram user, I will also add 0.5ETC to your pot. Please don’t consider my comment as trying to hijack your telegram proposal just brainstorming out loud :slight_smile:


Alright but we already have in the official ETC group on Telegram around 4k members and I just heard about a Telegram tip bot so a Discord tip bot would be allso every cool !