Ethereum Classic to be the default in Shitcoin World

NOTE FROM MODS: Please be careful when using new contracts. This seems like a fun little game but has no publicly known operators. Please be careful and never send more ETC than what you’re willing to lose.


Shitcoin World ( is using Ethereum Classic as the default currency to value all other currencies against.

News release is as follows:

Hodlers hate broken promises and love Ethereum Classic
The Hodlers of Shitcoin Kingdom don’t want to live in a world that is built on broken promises. And as we all know, the Ethereum main network has broken the promise of immutability by introducing a hard fork to deal with DAO hack. A blockchain is supposed to be immutable. The main reason to use a blockchain is because it’s immutable. If a blockchain is mutable, it doesn’t make any sense to use it. At all. The Hodlers of Shitcoin Kingdom even enacted a law to make the proposal of blockchain hard forks a crime punishable with imprisonment. Because hard forks make them sad. Nobody wants to be sad.
In the case of Ethereum, however, the Hodlers were pretty late to the game and decided to let that one slide. But only this time. From now on, all new proposed hard-forks will be punished with imprisonment.

Anyways, Shitcoin Kingdom has added support for Ethereum Classic and Classic Tokens, and ALL PRICES WILL BE QUOTED IN ETC BY DEFAULT. Rejoice!

I’m looking for people to help out with creating and managing a discord chat for the game, and other things. Please get in touch :slight_smile:

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Love the name lol

Is this even real? Dang, the stuff that people come up with these days lol…