Redesign and Improvement [IN PROGRESS] [LAUNCH: MAY 21 2018]


Update regarding to the translation: The progress of the translation into the russian language is very well. It has now the raw content. On the weekend I am planing to improve the content, make it more professional and will post to @TrashedBot for double check. I think next week we will post it to the community for there opinion. Also, I am planing to do a raw translation into the german on the weekend.


can help translating to spanish or basque! my englis is not the best, but it is my girlfriends native language, so between we 2, we can help to translate!!


While I appreciate the enthusiasm you all shouldn’t start translating yet. The website text is very rough and not finalized.

What we’ll likely want to do is professional translations and then have all of you read/make edits if you think it’s necessary.


ok @anthony


Here’s the mockups! Sorry for the delay.


You can also click to check out the roadmap, we’ll need to better delineate which items are from which ETC team, but other than that I like it so far.

Let me know if anyone has any feedback. Thanks!


all fonts seem to me to be a little bit fuzzy


Yeah, that’s just the mockup. They’ll be fine on the live site.


The green color-font for “Unstoppable” looks great on black background but not too well on white for “what is ethereum classic?”. Maybe a little bit darker green. But its looks great overall.

Keep the good work!!


To be honest… make it more classy… Use less color. Black/Grey/Green Keep it as simple as possible. (ps i would like to see a whole community is working at the project iohk etc…)


it is taking a very very nice appearence!!! great job guys, you really are making your best!!! congrats!!! <3 maybe, the green color of “unstopable” i may colored it of a stronger green, or darker one! but in overal GJ!


If phoniex etc loco in top of the backgroup will more impressive ?
Wallet can be in top of the page ? in downpage seen not obvious


I like the mockups. The green color is great when the background is darker, however when the background is light I find it too difficult to watch at it (maybe it bothers me only if it’s used as a background on another light background)


Good job Anthony! :+1:

Here are my 2 cents:
I agree about the green color, i find it hard to read on white. Also the second last section has lighter green background than the previous green section (i don’t know much about design but it looks too bright for my eyes). The black and white header could also probably be improved.
Maybe its just me but i’m missing some simple animations, we have some lining works that can be simple to animate for example:

(if it looks just like a plain image, press CTRL+SHIFT+R for hard refresh to see the animation)
(btw i’ve done these two with - btw if someone uses this, the download gives you a corrupted file, you have to edit it and delete the 6th line or something, the one that contains &gt)
Again, great job!


wow, interesting design.
The Phoenix svg is cool.
I like your concept!


Thanks for the feedback everyone! Agree on the colors and maybe needing some very light animation.

I’ll let the design team know your feedback.

Phoenix logo we’re keeping de-emphasized to avoid confusion with the ETC logo. To me the phoenix represents the community and I think we should use it more for that going forward.


I just checked these out. I love them and the second one is exactly what I had in mind for animation!


Hi @anthony. I put back with translations and waiting for the end version in english. Otherwise we will do the work twice ;-).

Furthermore we have between coming friday and monday holidays and I have time to take care of translations, maybe there could be some end versions )


Likely won’t have the finalized English for everything for a few weeks. After that I’ll have some translators start and translations into various languages, and then reach out to have the community confirm/give feedback on the translations.


Maybe this helps a bit :wink:


@anthony Hi. Will be the texts on the official ETC site markable?