Redesign and Improvement [IN PROGRESS] [LAUNCH: MAY 21 2018]


Hi @anthony. Are there any new news about the website?


We put together a brief style guide

Take a look and let us know if you’d like to see some more!


Guabano and Bwana/Bakon have made brief style guides but ETCDEVS also hired a design guy. So there are 3 design guides available. Is there any coordination with Richard Schumann/ETCDEVS?

Having some harmonious design across the board would be neat.


Just an update on the website, I’ll be reviewing a real/functional draft of the site this week. @a.s

As for the design guidelines it would be great if everyone worked together @omniedge. The logo on the site is actually based on Richard Schumann’s design, while the color-scheme and some other visual cues come from Guabano’s Phoenix Project.

Pinging @ddr @Bwana (Guabano is currently on hiatus).


@omniedge , Yeah I think that’s an excellent idea, I think having the design guys colab could bring out some really cool stuff :).


I could contribute in translating content to spanish. The spanish community is big not only from spain but there’s a huge audience if you take in mind all the countries from latin america. Blockchain is hitting big in latin america right now.

Anyways, this is my portfolio of translations if I can participate just let me know.


If any help with Spanish translation, I am native Puerto Rican and can translate Both English and Spanish. Fully bilingual.


D3.js has a great example of a datavis tracker for github commits.

That could be a really innovative idea for a blockchain company to incorporate this type of thing on it’s website.



I really like the animation but I don’t think that it should land on the website. The website should keep in mind that an average visitor will be a ‘non-coder’. Coders would be able to get something from it but I am pretty sure that mostly they would only get confused


Yeah, I was thinking of using it more in terms to visualize dev productivity not so much the tech side of things so that non-coders and investors would get something out of it.

Sorry should have linked the rest of the showcase for the lib (that example on my previous post a coder would probably only get it)… but you have tons of options from a design perspective to hack it to the perspective you want.


Can we still make a new redesign improvement? As a designer i do think it’s not the way ETC has to go. It needs to be classic and this is grunge-urban. I do think the colors are right but the design can do much better.



Since we’re launching next week the design for the launch is finalized. However I’m happy to take feedback on the site and incorporate changes into future revisions.


Hello. @anthony I have a suggestion: A month-calender under which there are infos about upcoming ETC-relevent events. Something like this one: image

Furtrher pro: A self-protectoion against scammers


I think it’s best to give feedback after the release when/if a next iteration is planned


today is may 21


yap, i think it is a good viz idea.
I am now under considering to viz the Github data soon.
I also agree with @phyro .
To keep etc website much more clean, the viz work should on other website.
I also register for viz purpose.
it will launch soon and include the Github viz. :grinning:


We’re actually avoiding giving specific dates, otherwise people take them as gospel, share them on a ton of websites, and then never update the schedule if it changes.

@lls4233 You’re correct, putting the final polish on the site. Going to launch tomorrow instead, want to make sure it’s perfect.


Hey, you are right. I learned something again).


always waiting for you


Website is live!!