ethOS + NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb - Improve performance !?


Good afternoon,

First of all I must specified at the beginning that I am a beginner in mining.
Second, I have an rig made using ASUS Z270-P as motherboard, 16 GB RAM memory, as operating system I use ethOS, and as GPU I use 4 NVidia from Gigabyte (model 1060 - 6Gb). I use wallet made/create on MyEtherWallet and I mine Ethereum Classic (ETC). As pool I use

The actual performance related to my GPU’s (GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb) are resume to 68.1 hash for all 4 GPU’s.


For this “performance” I don’t change nothing on my default settings.
But I want to change the GPU’s performance only under-volt and overclock GPU’s without using BIOS modded. So, the settings use for mine are:

-----My NANOPOOL Settings - ETC -----

globalminer etcminer
maxgputemp 85
stratumproxy enabled
proxywallet <my_wallet_ID>

poolpass1 x

poolpass2 x

poolemail <my_e-mail>
flags --cl-global-work 8192 --farm-recheck 200

globalcore 1000

globalmem 1250

globalfan 85

globalpowertune 20

autoreboot false

custompanel publicsecret

lockscreen enabled

globaldesktop disabled

globalname disabled

How I can change the settings in a way in which to increase the GPU’s performance ? Also what command I must use (in terminal) to see the GPU’s performance when mine ?

If somebody from community already have this type of GPU and already have it optimized only with this settings what values/characteristics use ?

I waiting your feedback with very higher interest your opinion/suggestions/advice !

Thank you in advance to all community for support.
Keep in touch !


i see nvidias 1060 mining at 25 mh/s… i use simpleminig to mine, so i can overlock from there the gpus… mining ETC ofc…


Good afternoon,

Have somebody any idea about what values I must to add in ethos for my GPU’s (NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gb) to can under-volt my GPU’s ? Current I use:

globalcore 2175
globalmem 4500

But I don’t know what values and how to reduce energy consumer for GPU’s.
I read that this type of GPU’s can reach around of 23 Mh/s. Now I obtain only 20 GH/s ! Maybe the “energy” tune will increase hash and reduce energy consumed.

I mine Ethereum Clasic, and I want to mine also Monero.
I can use the same values of overclock for more currency ?

I waiting with very higher interest any advice with feedback or idea.
Thanks to all for support.