Feedback the cheat and fraud of etc eth on twitter. How can i recover my loss?


Eth and etc are two great projects. i read the news from etc twitter every day.
About 5 o’clock 2018-03-05 afternoon, find out a message,
see the bellow link for detail infomation:

Earlier in the message there are a few words that the eth is to open a little limited test time,
if you go to the address and send 3 eth ,it will be returned 30 eth to you .
At the time I thought it was an official classic Ethernet Twitter, i did not think too much, send 3 eth from my eth account 0xa236c36C501e887E85964f2B766113bf3A83A8b5 to the account,
but i did not receive the back of the transfer, it is estimated fooled.

I am very surprised, why official etc Twitter have such a thing? I do not know the loss can recover? the loss can recover …? loss recover…? Are there more people fooled? etc eth to leave more people a bad impression?

why etc not tell the github that is a cheat website?


If you follow twitter, there are spam bots everywhere. Literally thousands of bots spamming send X Crypto and return More. Make sure you double, triple check before you send any amount. Scams are everywhere. You have to be careful.


thanks for you remind~