From Russia with love



My name is Sergey and I’m a software engineer. Actually, I’m new in blockchain, but I have some experience in technology and I think I’ll figure it out. I just want to say that I’m exactly to know what “Code is Law” meaning and I completely believe in that sense of this concept will be more successful than others.

Also I’m honored become a part of this community and meet everyone!




welcome to our coummunity!


Thanks guys!

What’s your occupation? if this not secret of course)) I mean mining, contribution or something else?


I am a long term hodler of etc ) - since july of last year


Wow. And what was the price on etc in July? )) or you just mined it? Anyway congrats!

PS I have only etc three coins :slight_smile: bought on the last week)) for support the project.


Yeah… it was around 20$.
Mostly I like the technical side of it, I think like most of us here :slightly_smiling_face: