Funding Available | ETC Community Fund Now Live


Ethereum Classic Community Fund


As previously announced, community donated funds, which were previously under the management of Bitnovosti (an original ETC founder per se), are being transferred to a new community fund via multi-sig contract.

The new contract is deployed here:

A successful security audit and testing has been completed by Ethereum Commonwealth. We want to provide everyone with proper notice about the transfer of funds by Bitnovosti, from its current address

Contract Signatories

All are long standing members of the ETC Community

*NOTE: The Community Fund Contract requires a minimum of three approvals to transfer funds.

16,384 ETC now have been transferred, containing the entire balance of the donation account less the amount that the DAO hacker had once sent to the account (1,000 ETC). The transaction is now visible on the blockchain.

There are no immediate plans to use the funds, but will be used in the future to improve the ETC ecosystem.

via @anthony from r/ethereumclassic post