Gamer Ammo - The Gamer's Asset NCO [No Coin Offering]


Hi everyone,

I made an introductory post as well earlier, I figured this would be the place to post about the project I’ve been working on called Gamer Ammo. We are a gaming fintech company looking to make a declaration: gaming is a profession. We plan to do so by creating a decentralized token asset that rewards gamers for developing the community and themselves as gamers. We’ve chosen to develop on Ethereum Classic.

By using software applications on our platform, the Gamer will be able to simply to “Use & Earn”. The first of these we are building for community development is known as Clutchat.

Clutchat is a content distribution and chat platform built for the Gamer by the Gamer. With our fellow local gaming community leadership, we were able to figure out what key aspects of a platform gamers were looking for and found a model to make it profitable for them.

On Clutchat, Gamers receive a set amount of Voice during timed intervals during the day, which are only available to use during those intervals. They can use them to create content or Voice Up content.

Of course, Gamers can use Clutchat simply for working with with their team with private or public modes of communication as methods that are always free in Clutchat. The value here comes from the content they make and share. The more Voice they earn over time, the bigger the payout.

The payout option tailor made for Gamers is the Gamerammo Token. Also earned by the player while using Clutchat in the background, Gamerammo is used within the blockchain software platform made by Gamer Ammo, known as the Gamerchain, to purchase goods and services. So far, among the usage Gamers will have for the token are to buy gear, get coaching, and use it in purchases within the third party developers who accept it.

We are excited to join the Ethereum Classic community and build a platform that declares gaming a profession.


We have done some major overhaul to our website & have put up our roadmap to completion for our flagship software, Clutchat. We have decided to stay true to the Ethereum Classic ideology and built a product first with no need for an ICO. We are however, having a NCO (No Coin Offering). We are looking to add some developers, marketers, and community building members to our squad. If you’re any of these people or just want to be cool and help out with our NCO, check out our site or contact me here. Thanks!


Hey, I remember hearing about that coin. How’s it going? Want help with marketing. I’m helping BitUnits right now, and have helped DROXNE when it was doing well…too bad it was a scam…lameness…


Hi I’m the creator of BitUnits.Club, maybe we can work together in the future. check out my project, I will be checking out yours sounds cool. If we can get gamers to like crypto that’s a win in my book.