GPU mining rig problem


Hi guys
I have mining rig with this assembly:
13 x AMD Rx 560
Asrock H110 probtc
4 Gb ram DDR4
Intel 1151 3900
SSD 128-256gb
13 x Riser
evga 1600 w
and I have problem with mining if I mining any crypto currency a long time. I can mining 1 or 2 days with stable hashrate 180mhs but if this miner mining more than 1 or 2 days miner mining on 60-70% performance and I don’t understand why?? At room is normal temperature.

Photo statistic:
Photo configuration:

Thank you for any answer


Did your tried out other miner. I can seen that this rig is on ethOS so what miner do you use? Are there any problems with the card like “GPU Clock” or mabye the card is getting to hot… Please show us some more pictures you can drag an drop them in here.


give this miner a try

BTW: you can directly upload photos to this forum, just drag-and-drop it in