Hello everyone, BitUnits here


We Created BitUnits as a product to help the cryptocurrency ecosystem expand by using our product to educate new-comers without it costing them. Though BitUnits is a product created for educational purposes, we believe that because of its scarce supply it may be valued in the future.
In our whitepaper, we explain how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology works and we are aiming to reach out to the people who are afraid of the risk of being an investor in this new asset class, to show them that this is a very new technology that has so much promise, and if they take the time to learn about it it will benefit them.
For those who are afraid of the risks, but are willing to learn they get a scarce crypto token to experience this wonderful technology for themselves without having to part with hard earn cash.
We believe that our project will help with the onboarding process and that is our main goal.

Issatta C.
Founder of BitUnits Token.