Hello. I'm a newbie


I sent the ETC to the wrong wallet. So I want to find it.


You need to provide us more information that we are able to help you!

  • TxID
  • Wallet Infos (Like how owns it)


Sorry your having this issue :confused:
Like @MM_MarioMichel said, some info is needed. Just the basics nothing private. :+1:

  • transaction ID
  • wallet
  • exchange/s used
  • wallet addresses

Any other info would be greatly appreciated. If you’ve sent ETC to a wallet that’s not yours then you can use the ETC messaging system on ClassicEtherWallet to contact the address directly but it’s still up to them “to do the right thing” so to speak. Here is some info if your unfamiliar with how to use it.


Thank you for helping me.
I wrote this issue with another title and I got the answer.:grinning: