Hello! I'm Jean-Philippe aka PooSham


Hej! Bonjour! Hello!

I’m Jean-Philippe. As my name suggests I have french roots, but I’m born and raised in Sweden, and that’s still where I live. I bought my first bitcoin in 2013 I think, and I’ve been interested in decentralized technology and how it can be used to help society ever since. In the beginning of the ETH-ETC fork I was a pretty silent supporter of ETC, but with time I’ve become more and more in love with this project and the community.

Why PooSham? Because Jean-Philippe is hard to pronounce for Swedes, so the nicknames just evolved: Jean-Phe -> Sean-Phe -> ShamPoo. But because shampoo is often unavailable on internet forums, I had to be creative, so I inverted the sham and the poo and created PooSham. That’s also why my avatar is usually poo that comes out of a shampoo bottle. If you get poo from a shampoo bottle, it’s a sham.


Wise words.