Hello! i'm mohamed from morocco


I’m here because the more i read about ETC the more i’m attracted to it, and i believe it has a good future, so i would like to join the ETC community and help anyway i can.

I love how cryptocurency may give people an alternative to traditional money.


hi and welcome to the communty


welcome :ship:


hey nice to have you here - wow Morocco - do they love ETC in Morocco? haha


Hello, may you introduce your story as from what field you are coming from or in which direction your help can make ETC thrive?)


Thank you, i think everybody loves crypto, or will love it. i have many friends interested in cryptocurrency but not etc, unfortenatly.


I’m an IT technician, i setup networks, IP telephony… with very small experience in C++ and java.
I have small mining rig with only one card :’(.

ihope i can help with any of this


hey one card is still great! we all have to start somewhere! :laughing: