Hello! newbie here :)


Hello everyone!
Im quite a newbie to the crypto world, right now I am looking over different cryptos and I am planning to start trading in the future! So if there are some expereinced traders out there I would really appreciate all the tips and advices!


Hey newbie and welcome to our forum. Just feel you free to ask any questions :wink:


Hey its good to have you here - welcome! Its really cool you’ve decided to join the crypto world haha :laughing:


Howdy ya’ll! I am new to the forum and ETC but have been dabbling with crypto’s for about a year now.

Question I have is, is Emerald Wallet the same a Classic Ether Wallet?

Is Emerald Wallet supported in here?

My Emerald Wallet 0.8.1 RC2 upon launching, just sits there saying Starting but never goes beyond that.

I downloaded it before the fork a few weeks back and it worked up until approx. 1-2 weeks ago.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.