Hey Guys, Damian here :)


Hey Guys, I have background in marketing and business and I am passionate about tech and crypto. I like ETC and the community and wish we can grow ETC to its real value.

With the latest develoment we see and enhanced marketing activity ETC should move soon to the place it should.


Great to have you here Damian!


Hi, Damian. Nice to hear from you. Can you share us marketing tips to promote ETC effectively or since you are the expert can you lead us on the right path?


Hi Guys,

I would say that the hype we’ve seen with CLO announcement is a sign that ETC community is growing fast if there are good news.
A lot of guys buying in and hold are doing it for the price increase, so a strong development is a sign this will happen.

I would say that this would help in terms of marketing at this point:

  • a new website that would feature the latest news and developments, the future plans, and so on. A one place where you cand learn everything about ETC. I understood that this is comming, which is great :slight_smile:
  • if the main crypto websites would feature more ETC news, like CLO, the latest developments, the dev team etc. would be very helpful to increase the awareness. I believe that there are a lot of good news this year that deserve better media coverage.
  • promote more the ICOs on ETC


@ClassicIsComing @anthony , may we know if we have this already?


Current news and information is best found on our subreddit. We do want a redesigned site though and I’ll definitely keep this feedback in mind when we start on it.


Maybe we can help, do you have any buget for this?


ETC has some community and marketing funds available that came from donations but these are not accessible yet. Additionally, the ETCCOOP also has funds currently available. Feel free to take the lead on the site as there is no centralised governance structure. Anyone can submit a project proposal to About the Ecosystem Proposals category


As far as I know - ETC will be getting some new marketing strategies and methods - just stay tuned for more details.:grinning:


This is awesome!